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Bible Trivia Games
FOR ADULTS & KIDS!! NO Internet Connection Required to View Material! Bible Trivia Games is a bible based application with 6 main sections:

“BIBLE SUBJECTS”  Information about Heaven, The Church, Salvation, Christ’s Second Coming, Eternal Life, Contraception, Confession, Health, Wealth, Drinking Alcohol and more! The information is presented in Bible Verse format and is straight from from the Bible word-for-word.

“HOLY BIBLE”  The entire holy bible which includes both the Old and New Testament.

BIBLICAL LANDMARKS” Sites from Jerusalem of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus Crucifixion Site, Mount Sinai, The Stone of Anointing, The Rock of Golgotha, Entrance to the Tomb of Jesus & The Garden of Gethsemane (where Jesus was arrested).

“BIBLE TRIVIA QUIZZES”  Questions about Confession, Christ’s Second Coming, Faith & Good Works, Divinity of Jesus, Health, Wealth, Alcohol, The Church & More! Do you know enough about the Bible to pass the quiz?

“BIBLE TRIVIA BOARD GAME”  Questions and Answers about Adam, Mt. Sinai, New Testament, Sea of Galilee, 10 commandments, Joseph and more!

“BIBLE QUEST GAME” Its our most difficult game to complete. Answer correctly and move towards the finish line. Answer incorrectly, and you will be thrown in the dungeon. It has 27 Questions. Good luck!

This app contains information about Israel Site Seeing and all major biblical landmarks. View Weather and Current Time in Israel and Jerusalem.

The Jesus Cartoon in this app is Ink and Digital art. 2009. Copyright © 2009 Robert Flores. http://www.bibleartbooks.com

More information for Bible Trivia Games can be found at www.matpak.org