Browsershots is an open-source testing platform. One strategy for avoiding this is shift-left testing. If I hadn’t tested with Safari and the other platforms, I wouldn’t have caught this problem. Ranorex Studio. Comparium is an online cross-browser service that specializes in creating screenshots … Since your target is to increase the audience of your website, you must make it compatible across different browsers. Browserling. Testing all features on all browsers all at once is sure to result in catastrophe. Each browser will take your code and render it differently. It offers to check … These tools are not completely free but you could try their free trials. When you submit your web address, it … One of the responsibilities of the website developer is to develop the website in such a way that the website is functional for all the users. Viewed 292 times 2. Active 3 years, 1 month ago. Google regularly updates their search engine optimization algorithm. Reduce cross-browser testing issues Testing Web applications for Internet browser compatibility Always include the doctype in each Web page. Browser shots. Cross browser testing involves checking compatibility of your application across multiple web browsers and ensures that your web application works correctly across different web browsers. Browsershots makes screenshots of your web design in different operating systems and browsers. “