© 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: you@domain.com. No calculator in hand but seemed shake and rake(I call it shake and bake) was double or triple cost of blow in regular stuff. The insulation is put into a machine that fluffs the insulation before it is blown through a hose into the area it is meant to fill. TAP EPA Registered Pest Control Blown-In Insulation 30 lbs. Both the Slate and Shake have an Old World, hand-cut appearance with lots of depth for shadowing and visual interest. The only equipment you need is a garden rake. The cost of loose-fill and blown-in insulation depends on multiple factors, such as the amount, material, and R-value of the insulation, as well as the vendor it is purchased through. Keller ladders have multiple rebates. All of these factors contribute to a roof that stays warmer than 30°F during freezing weather. Fasteners for asphalt shingles shall be galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper roofing nails, minimum 12 gage [0.105 inch (3 mm)] shank with a minimum 3 / 8-inch-diameter (10 mm) head, ASTM F 1667, of a length to penetrate through the roofing materials and a minimum of 3 / 4 inch (19 mm) into the roof sheathing. View Entire Discussion (19 Comments) More posts from the HomeImprovement community. Dump it out and rake it around. Enter the length of the wall. It is possible to avoid settling if the insulation is blown-in at the proper density, which will prevent any loss of R-value. Methodology was to pry out a chunk of compressed insulation, place it on the expanded metal (an old patio table, in this case) and use a block (or your hand, but the block is more efficient and does not mind grinding on metal) to work the insulation though the mesh - then shovel/sweep to where it's needed (open attic application, not wall-stuffing.) No. Find a large selection of Insulation in the Home Improvement department at low Fleet Farm prices. Loose-fill insulation is made up of small particles of fiber, foam, or other materials that form an insulation that is able to conform to nearly any space and not disturb anything around it. Insulmax Shake and Rake insulation is perfect way to insulate small attic or floor places. (feet+inches) Enter the rise of the roof pitch (rise/12) Enter the length of the board. Views: 231681 CertainTeed Fiberglass Insulation R-11 Kraft Faced – limit not given You pay $7.99 and get back $2.00 = $5.99; Tools. Paint rebates. Ensure that the line is square with the eave. The best rated Johns Manville insulation product is the R-30 Unfaced Fiberglass Insulation Batt 16 in. Knauf Insulmax Shake and Rake loose fill fiberglass insulation, formaldehyde-free, coverage 35 sq. Fibrous loose-fill insulations such as cellulose, fiberglass, and rock wool are options you may wish to consider. Note that this ad overlaps the 9/18 ad through 10/1/16, so don’t miss those deals too!. The post-rebate prices in ad are $59-$179 depending on height. I put in "shake 'n' rake" fiber glass insulation my attic. All Johns Manville insulation can be shipped to you at home. Compare Click to add item "Insulmax® Shake and Rake Loose Fill Fiberglass Insulation" to the compare list. Cut open the bag and fiberglass expands. Here are your Menards deals for the current week. 1.SAVE MONEY! Read customer Insulmax reviews and learn how Insulmax can transform your home using a cost-effective and hassle-free wall insulation system Classic Vertical Siding with Impressive Benefits. Greenfiber All Borate Cellulose Blown-in Insulation 30 lbs. I thought I remembered Menards having some kind of shake and rake bags of insulation. Overlap the edge of the roof by 1 inch. Couldn't be easier. (36-Bags). ... Click to add item "Insulmax® Shake and Rake Loose Fill Fiberglass Insulation" to the compare list. 4" black cable ties through … Shop Menards for easy to install loose fill blow in insulation that will help reduce energy bills so you can Save Big Money. These are the prices for individual units. Have a roofing professional perform an energy audit before freezing and snowy weather sets in.