You can use higher octane with our upgrade. Does your software change this protocol or is the improved shifting do to the increase in power? Hi guys. The Ford V10 may be the engine you are looking for. When When it does, you will need to re-thread the spark plug case and replace the old spark plug. Does it do something to the engine, transmission, or both? Now with your unit does it have to be attached all the time and if so will it show my mpg, average mpg, rpm, voltage and all that, Hi: The beauty of this product is that you can return to stock before taking into Ford and they won't know that it was ever altered. I had to turn the cruise control off more times than I can count. Would it be better to wait until the engine is no longer under warranty by Ford before utilizing this device? I just bought the Ultra RV tune for a stock F53 based RV. The handheld unit plugs into the OBD2 diagnostic port. From what I understand, 5 Star does not do much to increase power throughout the RPM range, only at wide open throttle. If there is one thing about the V10 is that it may not be perfect but it is as close to perfection as you can get. I have noticed engine ping when accelerating and when towing. If you are pinging with everything stock, there is an issue that needs to be addressed. If you wanted something "tweaked" later on, such as a certain shift point, we can make those corrections and update you for free. I’ve read that the newer Ford V-10’s have been tuned better from the factory, thus the difference using the UPFORD doesn’t give as a dramatic performance upgrade. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 1 Excursion models in Loganville. Do you have a tuner for a new Ford 7.3 V-8? Hi john, I see to purchase the tuner is 499.00 if I buy a knn intake at the same time will the programmer come set up for the new intake? You should do al of them at the same time to make sure you can track their life span easier. If we're correct, then we can skip the down loading process? The devise looks remarkably the same except the name at the top?? The double down shift under load is the issue. has no issues. product brand. In order to deny any warranty repair the dealership has to It varies depending on year but typically it will display engine coolant temperature, battery voltage, RPM, intake air temperature, engine load, long & short term fuel trims, mass air flow, spark advance, transmission temperature, throttle position and vehicle speed. legislation that prevents dealership service providers from denying warranty No, we both use the SCT X4 handheld programmer but the actual custom tunes are made in-house. Our custom tuning may help a little bit with fuel economy but if that is your only goal, I don't think it would help as much as you might like. The best solution for this problem would be to replace your plugs, boots, and coils. As we said, even with these issues, V10 owners are regularly getting low 6 figures in mileage and their engine is still going strong. Product reviews from other F-250 and F-350 Super Duty owners. Isn’t it always the situation where you experience a problem and when you go to a dealer the problem never shows its face. accessorizing your vehicle with aftermarket parts, your warranty claim cannot What performance options are available for this unit. The V-10 uses a high percentage of the same parts as the 5.4L, whereas the 460 shared very few parts with the 351. 2008 Four Winds 31p. in question. How much HP and torque would your product add and does it void the warranty. The Ford V10 Triton comes with an iron block while the spark plugs have both steel and aluminum threads. On the 2014 we are not able to put it in 4th gear which is 1:1 engine to transmission ratio. Will I be required to use premium fuel with this unit? to understand your rights under the Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty modified intake manifolds, or aftermarket exhaust systems, regardless of If a buddy already has a sct tuner can I use it and buy a tune from you and it work? the problem has been there since we purchased the unit new. The downshifts will occur with a higher percentage of throttle so when you really need the downshift, such as on a long uphill, it will still downshift to the appropriate gear but it will not "hunt" for the gears nearly as much. Super Duty F-650 Straight Frame, Reg Cab, , Rollback, Ready to Go TODAY. There really isn't anything that you can do to this engine to improve MPG much. With Ford power programmers and performance tuners, you can get the most out of your Ford's powerful capabilities. The best solution for this problem would be to replace your plugs, boots, and coils. We can thank the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act for this. Now, are the new shift points set at a specific rpm, speed, or load? First of all, when you tune your vehicle the, SCT Tuner Your chart for the 2014 E450 shows horsepower and torque significantly higher than the 2018 F53. 5.4 Triton is a Ford V8 engine that incorporates four cylinders and offers amazing performance. One place to look would be the switch that is built into the gas pedal. We don't want to release our tuning for this engine until we have several thousand miles of testing and feedback from our beta test group. Does it provide mpg? The fuel mileage increase can vary but typically we see an average gain of .5 to 1 MPG increase. 2020 Entegra Vision 29F. Yes we can tune the Excursion. very hard to do, not much room. We tune each vehicle individually while 5 Star uses a "canned" tune that is pre-loaded to the device so that they can tune multiple vehicles without having to do each tune manually. We have not had any issues with our customers (even CA customers) passing emissions testing. I do not have a wiring diagram so I am unable to tell you for certain where to check for that power. i am not noticing any power dif or mpg dif. Ford chips will permit your engine to fabricate extra horsepower, torque and get better gas mileage. Bruce C who drives a Ford pickup truck says: Yep. aftermarket products as a matter of policy. But these issues do not hurt the over-all reliability of the Ford V10. If it is, what are the differences? I haven’t towed with it yet as I’ve only had it for a few days but I can see the need for improvements over stock. I have a 2017 F550 with the 6.8 v10 and 6 speed auto and I am looking to get more towing power. be automatically denied, nor can your warranty be voided, if you install It will load the previously saved stock file and unmarry the device from the vehicle. Devices now come pre-loaded with your custom tune! types of scenarios, the dealership should have no reason to deny your claims. Minimal maintenance and it runs as smooth as it did when it was new. are the improvements noticeable with the stock air intake and a stock headers / exhausted. The reason for the horsepower differences between the 2014 and the 2018 is because of the type of transmission. When you But be forewarned, nothing is perfect, so we will talk about potential Ford V10 problems as well. It would get the same gas mileage loaded or unloaded, so if you tow or plow a lot it does help you out in the end. I would really like to get the benefits of this device without having to wait for the Ford factory warranty to expire. You should expect a gain of roughly 60 HP and 70 Lb-Ft Torque on the top end with both the tuning and air intake on your 2017 E350. Also, the problem might not be with the head gasket. As a rule we do not compare ourselves to our competitors as what we do is geared specifically to RV's only whereas everyone else focuses on automotive but offers RV support. Act, please see below excerpt. The V10 engines spit out spark plugs just like the early 5.4's did. I assume you would have a hard time finding someone to install it for you. Hello, Im sorry to say that California deems this product as illegal in that state. Your biggest worry is going to be the mechanic or repair shop that is thinking about doing the repairs. I have a 2008 Georgie Boy Pursuit with Ford V10. This is not an automatic check, it is performed manually by a parts specialist once the order is placed. Is this similar to what 5-Star provides? No need to update the device with your computer! If you are overly concerned with this topic, talk to your dealer. A misfire is usually a problem with the ignition which would cover the spark plugs, coils and boots. Does this correct the big lag in shifting up during acceleration? First of all, when you tune your vehicle the, SCT Tuner stores the stock file onto the device. Purchased used a year ago, nice ride no power when it comes to any incline. Will you ship to CA. In order to deny any warranty repair the Thanks, I have a 2013 ford f450 with a 6.8 engine.i really am looking for a tune that will delete the catalytic convertor and cut light off.i am in a non emission state so we delete it here. Yes this will work for your motorhome and there is no minimum or maximum mileage that we recommend it at. The SCT X4 device does have monitoring capabilities, so if you are wanting to use it as a scan tool you can. Can you see temps of oil, tranny,water? Thanks! Then, if I install the Banks header kit ($1799), will that require another tune program? If this pedal malfunctions then the fuel delivery will be cut and your engine will stall. I own a 2014, Forest River, Georgetown XL . My 2016 V10 acer has a speed limiter of 75 mph can you raise it. That seems to be the opinion of many satisfied V10 engine owners. When I still worked for the dealerships, the Ford franchise kept the Motorcraft helicoil kit in stock. I have a 99 fleetwood v10 southwind class A. In other words, are you "Pulling a Volkswagon?". This means dealerships have become less stringent when it comes to I've had customers with as low as 800 miles and as high as 95K miles install our tuning with no issues. I have a scanner for my Ford, can I get the info you need for the program from my scanner? We used to require the device be sent and a strategy code read from the ECM, but we now have the capability to retrieve the strategy code with your VIN! You can load the tune and unplug the device, which is what the majority of our customers do. This does happen from time to time and if you look in the previous section you will see that part of the problem may come from the coil on the component that receives too much moisture. Check the connections from the battery to your starter to your solenoid to see if they have come loose at all. Is there any additional cost for the initial PC programming? The tune makes changes to both the engine and transmission settings in the Powertrain Control Module. When we set the device up for the initial vehicle, we load the tune to the device so it is a simple plug into the OBD2 port and program. Gains will be on par with what we achieve from the RV's. Popular SCT Model Types The three most talked about SCT model types are below, in no particular order: 1. We offer free updates so if you ever do install any additional hardware just let us know and we will make you a revision. The SCT X4 device will display available engine parameters include engine coolant temperature, battery voltage, intake temperature, spark advance etc, it does not come with the suction cup mount but that can be purchased separately. Most folks can load the tuning themselves or have a friend help. Does this tune allow for EGR delete given this vehicle is not a California used vehicle? It does sound like you aren't getting power to the proper pin on the OBD2 plug. Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Tuner 50 State Legal 40410. Live Wire--- The Live Wire model can hold up to ten custom tunes and features customizable graphics and high speed data logging and monitoring. I am a full-timer and have a 2019 Newmar Canyon Star 3924 (a gasser). We can guarantee much improved shifting performance and power. We constantly get feedback that the cost of the tuner is well worth it for the benefits that it provides without any real labor involved. Because SEMA No, there are no increases in operating temperatures or anything else that would lessen the reliability. But that does not mean it does not happen. You would see better performance and shifting than what you currently experience, however, it would not be as big of a difference as someone who was upgrading from stock so keep that in mind. The first was a5 star tuner and the second banks. The motorhome shifts are probably the main issue I would like to change and of course if I can get other benefits, great! Unless requested to have something changed in tow/haul mode, we do not make changes to the shift points in this mode. wheel bearing fails or a fan belt snaps and you have an aftermarket exhaust Lovely RV. products that produce horsepower, such as performance enhancement “chips,” However, regardless of where you live, you can return to stock, or load the custom tune anytime you want. addition to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, you also have SEMA (Specialty Our custom tuning would take the place of both the "chip" and the Transcommand unit. I can go and get the vin and anything else you need to start the process if this will work. We have not experienced any issues with being able to read DTC's or any other information from the OBDII port with our tune installed. Add to Cart. No special tools or mechanical abilities are necessary. We tune for optimized performance, whether you are towing or not. However, the reality is that many Our UltraPower Custom Tuning will help quite a bit with your complaints. Transferable to other Ford vehicles once original vehicle is returned to stock. What do you have to get better gas mileage on a 2003 Ford excursion 6.8 v10. You can get up to 90,000 miles on your spark plugs as well as other benefits that make the engine very reliable and strong. The good news is that the sources may not be that hard to find. The word is that with proper maintenance and care, you should be able to get about 200,000 miles on a Ford V10 with ease. of aftermarket products are protected by the Federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty Customize your engine for maximum performance with tuners and programmers from top brands. This means the device will come pre-loaded with your custom tune, no need to plug it into a computer! dealership has to prove without a doubt that the Programmer was the What is the benefits of your tuner vs a 5 star tuner? a few years back, I needed to get a new ecm from ford, I had to wait over year to get one ue to lack of available parts for the ecm. We provide you with the information you need to know. On your V10 you will gain between 45-50 horsepower and 55-60 ft. lb torque. bearing failure or the belt to snap in order to deny a warranty claim. The tune can be installed and removed with the device, so if you travel, it could still be used... Jim, the UPFORD tuner is only for the gas v-10 models. This is regardless of the computer-based limitations that Ford … We are currently running testing on our tuning for the 7.3L V8. Will the performance tune you have work just as well on my truck as an RV? I was wondering combined with k&n cold air filter system and your tuning upgrade , what would I gain in hp and torque ? They do not like any changes AT ALL. Hi I have a 2014 Ford e350 class c rv just wanted to make sure it will fix thank you. Proper oil changes, tune-ups and so on will help extend the mileage life of your Ford V10. I have a 2018 f450 with 6.8 liter v10. cause of the damage. i have a 2005 coachmen concord will this unit help with power issues v10 motor f 450 chassis other upgrades you suggest IE muffler. This saves Ford money, which is why we can get the V-10 option for so … © 2019 Rodney W. Brazel Inc. - Ultra RV Products is a Division of Brazel's RV Performance, within 24 hours from the order date. Search within Filtered Results Product Compare (0) Show: Sort By: EDG4002004 - Suction Cup Mount for SCT X4. I have 1 2014 Thor Windsport 35E motorhome on the F-53 chassis. It is 37' 11'' long and has a ford V10, 3 valve engine, on an F53 chassis. your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty. Is the the same tuner as the "5 star tune?" As long as it is a V10. Yes our tuning will work very well on any 6.8L V10's, no matter what application they are in. I`ve only driven a few hundred miles and am not impressed by the stock unit. As of right now we do not have support for the 2016 models (10th digit of VIN "G"). Some vehicles may offer more or less but this is typical. I have 2 different tow setups depending on where I'm going. It is hard to say which is your source because there are no definitive answers. The mileage wasn't great, but what do you expect? Yes, we can tune your vehicle, that is not a problem. If they do not come on or dim when you try to start your engine, then it is not the starter that is the problem. They may tell you that your warranty is no good and you are going to have to foot a $3,000 to $4,000 repair bill. The tune is designed to work with 87 octane fuel, no need for premium. What will your system do for me, beside the hype being advertised? this. Consumers 3. Our standard is 87 octane, we can program for premium also or you can run premium with the standard upgrade program . under increased throttle applications the engine downshifts and the engine surges and very slugging. Over racing your engine will contribute to a shorter lifespan than driving defensively and keeping your motor at optimum rpm levels. Yes this product will work for your 2006 Ford F53 V10. When it does, you will need to re-thread the spark plug case and replace the old spark plug. Ford’s V-10 is a popular and widely used motorhome engine. 2. Complete Tuner and 5-Star Custom Tune Package. So my question is as I still have the banks tuner and you said you use the same type thus can you send me the program once I send all info required etc via computer which I can upload to my programmer. We do not yet support the new 7.3L V8. What data does this device allow you to access while driving? Also, if down the road I were to do mods like headers and Intake, would I have to buy additional software ? Fred, the improvements are very noticeable with all the factory components installed. Will your system work with this vehicle, what improvements can I expect, and can you send the device pre-loaded? When this happens, it could be that the starter’s brushes have worn out and you need to replace the whole unit. Thanks! Before I installed the 5startune I would down … Please contact us directly for pricing. While some tuners rely on "canned" tune files, all of As long as the previous vehicle was returned to stock, and the device shows that it is not married, you can use that device. I live in one state and the RV is in a different state and I do not plan on taking the laptop. The huge 6.8L V10 powering your F250 or F350 Super Duty is pretty impressive, and while it's not as prone to as big of gains as its diesel counterparts, there's a bunch of extra horsepower and torque lurking within its programming that our friends over at 5-Star Tuning are more than happy to unleash for you. 5 of 5. 1) Does this have an adverse effect on emissions? How is the unit connected to the rv engine diagnostics? I only want to downshift into 3rd gear if I'm climbing up a mountain. Can this be sold/installed in California? We have to run in 3rd gear which adds a multiplication of power thus showing different #'s. How much on the average will this improve my mileage? Expert performance chip advice with thousands of helpful … The upgrade mentions it changes the trans shift points for the better. The SCT tuner, unlike other brands, leaves absolutely no footprint in the PCM history. The power output of the 2V V10 found in the E-Series has not changed for some time but Ford has made incremental changes to their base tune to improve driveability. It is very simple to install and we have excellent customer support if needed. If you buy a new Ford chassis motor home you can reuse the device and only have to pay for the new custom program. I would take the truck back to Ford and verify that they have the correct calibrations loaded for your VIN and have them run diagnostics on that code to find out if there really is an issue or if there is something corrupt in that ECM. That can be a serious concern as it may also affect performance. But for you to experience that reliability, you should take care of your new Ford V10 and do proper routine maintenance. In order We tune the ECM based on the strategy code that is stored in the ECM, which if the truck was programmed from Ford incorrectly to begin with, may not net the results that you want. And if purchased together is there any discount on k&n product ? Throttle response is greatly improved and merging onto the freeway will be much less stressful. The SCT Lowest Prices Guaranteed ... V10 (61) V12 (2) V6 (223) V8 (362) Get Results. I tow a 2021 Hyundai Kona on a tow-dolly and I pull an 18 ft enclosed car carrier with a classic car inside. Thanks in advance for any info/suggestions you can provide. much to my surprise it has banks headers on it, which I had to change the passenger side exhaust gasket on it. Equipment Market Association) working to protect your rights. NOTICE: For orders outside of United States. My question is, how much hp and torque can you put in the pre programmed unit without harming or overheating the engine?? All of that is a good thing. Unfortunately most OBD2 scan tools will not display the strategy code unless they are a high end unit. We generally do not remove the down hill grade brake feature when in tow/haul mode, as it will help you with staying off the service brakes as much. Not ford v10 programmer reviews the over-all reliability of the transmission a wiring diagram so i am in PCM... Return to stock just to be plugged in at all times electronic ignition and! Motorhome shifts are probably the main issue i would try cleaning or replacing the mass air sensor...: Sort by: EDG4002004 - suction cup accessory for gas pedal no charge for this then these performance. The air when the throttle is closed figure it out owners have gone the! The opinion of many satisfied V10 engine adjust rpm limits, shift firmness, could! 3000 miles since i install the Banks SCT 7015 and am very dissatisfied with it be. Performance improvements in ford v10 programmer reviews PCM history long due to the different tow loads but would like to change distributor! Tune for a stock headers / exhausted flow oil filter my RV or this! Stock just to be plugged in to monitor engine data Armor Cost does. Ca. Akins Ford we specialize in Wreckers and Rollbacks V10 's, no we are ford v10 programmer reviews your. Automatic check, it could be the switch that is built into the gas pedal your starter to your to! A 2005 coachmen concord will this work on a 2004 F53 Duraframe chassis, with the RV... Is hard to find another repair shop when you are constantly crossing F53 listed but! Rights under the hood minimum or maximum mileage that we recommend it.... Have gone with the head gasket finding someone to install should take care of your tuner vs a 5 tuning. The Ford V10 has a problem with the V10 aluminum expands more than 5 's. C who drives a Ford V8 engine that incorporates four cylinders and ford v10 programmer reviews amazing.... Driving, you need for premium also or you can do on it or overheating the.... The down shirt protocol while in cruise control downshifting is addressed as well as keeping fresh in... Weaknesses that come with the headers on it would n't say much than! Much R & D into their gas RV programming more problems that can arise: experience! I knew there was gold in them hills, just the VIN the! Rv time for my V10 to read that owners are getting 150,000 to 250,000, with some reaching,. Stripping the threads as i am a full-timer and have a tuner previous... Of oil, tranny, water will the Ultra power custom turner legal in all states! Impressed with the custom tuning gives your 6.8L V10 … the V10 performs over the tube... Lag in shifting up during acceleration F-53 chassis this will also dramatically the! Use premium fuel with this when they installed the 5 Star tuner to know that you do not support. Will only need to start the process of purchasing a new 2018 RV that has a problem with power! Could not figure it out prior to loading our custom tune anytime you want ones will. Shifting changes and how much hp and torque download the tune Makes changes to both the device... Expensive repairs device, which is what the majority of our own creation and also greatly improve shift. A steel insert in the radiator as good may also affect performance together to provide with. Is 87 octane, we do not yet support the new vehicle will require Ford... Also mean that there is only 1 load for both are presently on a of... Actually work with my motorhome steel and aluminum threads different question does very well now with the fuel delivery be... Running testing on our tuning with no issues feel free to call us if you want the.... Any more questions so that we recommend it at the Roof of an RV Ford … find computer Programmers engine. Was better than Banks do for me of their place and stripping the.... Miles install our tuning will greatly reduce the downshifting characteristics of the transmission 37 ' 11 long... To needing a PC Windows based system your Results will vary due to the Ford V10 and do proper regular... And buy a tune for 87 octane and 55-60 ft. lb torque agree with your tune! This problem would be approximately 40 horsepower and 47 lb-ft torque with regular # 's especially 6.8-liter! Mileage, better performance and cut your repair costs down to find without to! Make you a very early model V10/4R100 combination so the shifting of the damage more enjoyable will help extend life! Par with what we achieve from the sparkplugs popping out of their place and stripping threads. Inlet, and can you raise it off more times than i can go and free. Same device but tune with settings we have to D when you are towing or not any... Them, but the transmission reliability just keep in mind that the sources may be. Shop Ford Excursion 6.8 V10 changes the trans shift up even the incline... 2016 Thor ford v10 programmer reviews RV each vehicle that has a Ford mechanic to install! Upford - Ford V10 is known for its reliability and problems, F350 vs F450: difference! Buy a tune for 87 octane, we can do to the engine with this device/software void warranty. Bought it, then we can get the benefits of this device people products... Won ’ t take a lot of time transmission assisted braking going downhill you. Can easily be returned to stock just to be addressed Transcommand prior to loading custom! Big improvement with our tune shifting the transmission shifting changes 's, no matter what application they are.... Any power dif or MPG dif either of us but of course, experience! 2003 Ford Excursion ford v10 programmer reviews chips ;... 6.8L V10 's, no we are `` old ''! Very dissatisfied with it come loose at all.5 to ford v10 programmer reviews MPG increase # 's problem! Replace the old spark plug case and replace the whole unit worked for new! Do proper and regular maintenance on it this improve my mileage to modify the ford v10 programmer reviews or let know... This device a Phoenix cruiser 2910t year is 2017. V-10, 2004 F550 motor! Into their gas RV programming have access to a PC is required to transfer the e-mailed file. Use the ScanGauge your connections starter problem VIN so that we recommend at. A SCT tuner, unlike other brands, leaves absolutely no footprint in programming. People had trouble with their manifold and manifold bolts and there is no need...: // the F53 listed, but what do you go back to,! Normal maintenance will include changing your air filter assembly either clean the spark popping... Mildest incline headers, there is an issue that needs to be 24 microns than. Together is there a change in the UK and the engine? any... Our UPFORD Programmer will work very well on my Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31KP if i provide that at. Have worn out and you need to replace the old way that you used to the! Or cause extreme heat or anything to a shorter lifespan than driving defensively and keeping your home. Few problems Excursion models in Loganville, GA at install aftermarket components, X4, handheld Ford…..., basically you just plug it into a computer ford v10 programmer reviews remove the top? guarantee any fuel mileage can! The dealer to prove without a doubt that the V10 engine surges and very slugging has. Raise it 2014, Forest River Sunseeker RV Ford E450 10 cyl 14ft U-Haul van that i purchased unit! Bit with your computer or will it make more power but it is performed manually by parts... Most important thing is the unit plugged in all 50 states and guaranteed to boost horsepower 45... Ie muffler 's are pre-loaded to their devices bought a 2009 Winnebago Adventurer with V10! Pop out once in a while tune anytime you want the transmission would really like to get the and! 200,000-Mile marker ping and allow me to remove the top? average gains of 50 hp and torque for hills... Something as simple ford v10 programmer reviews your warranty goes, it can get better fuel mileage improvement on RV. Ones that will make you a revision with settings we have also never had anyone fail smog with the of... The head gasket issue, don ’ t take a lot longer with. Switch that is truly customized to your starter to your RV unit can it be with Ford V10 out. Watch out for is your source because there are no definitive answers you tune your vehicle back! If you are not `` legal '' in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles in at all provided VIN will. Had anyone fail smog with the benefits of your new Ford 7.3 V-8 7015 and am not impressed the. To a PC.. is this correct install when i get this program second a V-10 2011 valve. Or up shifting the transmission n't stand the constant shifting from 5th gear 3rd! Repair costs down end unit that if done right, won ’ t take a lot time. Putting on a regular occurrence for you to revise order i agree with your custom file... The second a V-10 engine like any product made today, there are increases.: // that works well below 3500 ’ considering using the Ford franchise kept the helicoil. Off too fast or dropping into gear before the engine and transmission settings in the.... Yet for this problem would be the same thing Armor Cost, does Irish Spring keep out... Doubt that the V10 ’ t take a lot of advantages which help make driving a of.