Simply add your twitch, twitter, reddit or youtube channel and select the announce-channel. 336,635 views But their new book Homie is different. So live your life (Hey) Ay-ay-ay You steady chasin' that paper Just live your life (Oh) Ay-ay-ay Ain't got no time for no haters Just live your life (Hey) Ay-ay-ay No telling where it'll take ya Just live your life (Oh) Ay-ay-ay (Joss, we did it again homie) 'Cause I'm a paper chaser Nevermind what haters say, … If this is your first live stream in Live Control Room: Edit your stream and click Create stream. Homie will post an message for you in your selected Discord channel. Don't need to inform your audience anymore. Close that backdoor, can't get snaked by my homie (Oh) Close that backdoor 'cause I know this love phony That's a bet I'm The Voice, that mean Dee-Dee, he the threat Don't get stressed, 'cause foenem tweakin' off the X I know what happened to your homie, don't be next He got that get back for his block, I … 509,517 views Dame Lillard Ain't Playing: Sports Journalist In Awkward Silence After Dame Puts Him On Blast Over An Old Hatin' Tweet! To fix it, get a new stream key in Live Control Room and update your encoder. Reverse the cycle (Verse 2) Homie we live in society were the right is wrong The only way to express yourself is song From the left, click the Stream tab. Don’t Call Us Dead was a collection that spoke truth to white power and made Smith a literary star. Go to YouTube Studio. Homie is Danez Smith’s magnificent anthem about the saving grace of friendship. What writer Hanif Abdurraqib can’t live without, including Sis Got Tea, Black Tourmaline, Bubba Water Bottle, Pholk Night Oil, Pet Zone IQ Treat Toy, and more. "I Dare You Come Mess With The Homie" Community Gang Members Decide To Protect Their Own After Several Street Vendor Attacks In LA! He’s a guy you don’t see on camera very often. Madison authors, topics, book events and publishers Stu Levitan welcomes the award-winning Black, Queer and Poz poet and performer Danez Smith, who will be at the Central Library tonight at 7 pm, in support of their brand new collection Homie, poems about friendship and loss and violence and love, it’s a presentation by our friends […] Homie will spread the new content for you on your Discord. Rooted in the loss of one of Smith’s close friends, this book comes out of the search for joy and intimacy within a nation where both can seem scarce and getting scarcer. We sent him out to Winter Park; remember, this was right after after Moss pretended to pull his pants down in the end zone. To open Live Control Room, from the top right, click Create Go Live. The radiance of “Homie” arrives like a shock, like found money, like a flower fighting through concrete. Easy moderation with Homie. Just go live or create your content. Moderation features.